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A Yuletide hassle by SolaceBeneathSilence
A Yuletide hassle
Merry-Belated-Christmas, Morphicelus!

And the rhyme:

In ancient times there dwelled a beast
that bore a hundred eyes and hundred arms:
a beast of arcane magics, spells, and charms
that does not matter to this rhyme the least

This rhyme is one to celebrate the joy of friends
and all the silly, funny things they do:
all the hassles that they put you through
and the acts of retribution that portends

I think the joke underlying the picture might have jinxed it. This really was... a hassle. Q~Q From start to finish it has offered impressive resistance: disappearing pens, disappearing papers, wrong texture on papers, scanner not working, scanner #2 not taking A3 format, scanner #3 messing up colours worse than I've ever seen.

But I'm out of time, so here it is. I hope I managed to save it somewhat. ^_^'

For the not initiated, this... I don't really know where to start explaining it. 8/ It started out as "Mephisto in cowboy outfit riding a hassling (gosling + hazel tree)" and expanded, like most things I do. It crossed over with Final Fantasy at some point. I don't know how Shiro and Reno cooked this up but I'm sure there's a fun story behind this.
Princess 2 by SolaceBeneathSilence
Princess 2
Another shot of the Princess of the Night, though I don't think my mom's camera is up to the task of capturing the full majesty of this flower. It's like a gold-strewn path into the folds of eternity
Princess 1 by SolaceBeneathSilence
Princess 1
I thought it would be a cold day in hell before I uploaded flower pictures; since this beauty only blooms at night, however, I guess hell still hasn't had that cold day.

The flower is a Princess of the Night, close relative of the more well-known Queen of the Night. My mom got a cutting a while back, and while I've seen my mom raise the most stunning plants throughout my life (she's a gardening enthusiast with over 170 plants in the house and a special fondness of orchids, some of which are unique hybrids that you only get your hands on if you know the right people) this one was just... wow. It's a handball sized miracle of botany.


Transient guests are we
There’s some things in the world I can’t believe

Like the usefulness of smartphones, or
the toxic make-up we beautify our food with
or when facebook tells me that you’re gone

That can’t be right


We still had so much to do, I mean

I still have your number
in case I’d have an afternoon to spare
for roleplaying
for laughs
for seeing who’s the worst at Singstar

When are we gonna do that now?

You could’ve asked, goddammit
When you were so much to so many
you could’ve just asked
Perhaps we couldn’t set things right for you
and perhaps you already knew that
but we’d try
we’d fucking-

-would have… tried

I wish you’d asked
how am I supposed to believe this?
That the only way I’ll hear your voice again
is through recordings five years old
when you helped me in linguistics class?
How can I believe that
I don’t get to berate you
for chewing on your piercing
or hear that full-bodied laugh rock the ground

I wish you’d asked
‘cause there’s no way a laugh like that
should die that young

That I won’t believe

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SUDOR Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2016
Merci, thank you for the watch !
jblinus Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015
happy birthday!
Thanks! =D
Morphicelus Featured By Owner Edited Sep 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday!

Here's my current favorite birthday song: Imagine that some strange American woman is singing and dancing in your honor as demonstrated in the video for proper effect. xD

I'm working on a surprise but it's not done yet. :|
xD That is one very American-super-size-extra-everything birthday song: I love it!

You are?? :omg: rvmp-rvmp That's so sweet of you! Seriously! Tackling hug 
Morphicelus Featured By Owner Edited Sep 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahahahahaha...yes, yes it is. :D

I'm trying, anyway. We recently adopted a kitten and she's super in need of cuddles. All of the time. xD

EDIT: Dangit, I forgot to ask how it went. Well, I hope! :)
luzmela Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2015
Grattis på födelsedagen! Jag önskar alla de bästa!
Awww thanks Eli! =D
Morphicelus Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hot damn, is it really your birthday in seven days? I know too many people born in September.
You do? I've only met two other people born in September. xD It's not very common here: the vast majority is born in March.

It's 30/9... I feel like a headless chicken running back and forth trying to think of what to do. x') All the food I gotta cook and all the allergies/GI-tract diseases I gotta take into account for my guests... Birthdays are a bother. ^_^' (Congrats to your hubby!)
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